About Jo

About me…Jo Protrait

During my many years as an executive in the fashion industry, culminating in five years as head of production for a major high street clothing supplier, I frequently travelled abroad and indulged my “other” love of food. 

Having come from a family who frequently entertained on a large scale, I learnt my cooking skills at a very young age.  I have spent many years since then catering for, and managing friends’ and family’s large events. 

As a combined result of my professional career and my “hobby” I am now particularly well-versed in event management, design and international cuisine.

I also spent 2009 working as an apprentice under the head chef of the game and wild food restaurant “The Pot Kiln” in Yattendon, Berkshire, which is owned and run by celebrity chef Mike Robinson. Since then I have worked there as a part time chef which really keeps me up to date on restaurant and seasonal trends.