Private Chef

Hire Me! Your own chef for the day/evening…

Thyme In can solve all your home cooking dilemmas – from delivering fresh, healthy meals for busy individuals or families to creating sumptuous dinner parties in your own kitchen, all at a reasonable cost.

Dinner Parties

If you are looking for elegant fayre, but a simpler way of entertaining, without the stress of cooking a three course meal for friends or business ccolleagues Thyme In can offer you a solution.

Thyme In offers a fresh style of restaurant quality food that features local, seasonal produce and on-site cooking.  We pride ourselves on our local roots and commitment to serving the discriminating needs of our customers.  Menus are written specifically for the season, venue and client’s taste.  These menus are flexible and can change with input and feedback from our clients together with ideas gleaned from travels and experimentation in our kitchen.

Just invite your guests, choose your courses and let us do the rest. You don’t even have to set foot in the kitchen all night. We will serve the food, clear it away, wash and clean up before we leave so you can spend the evening with your guests instead of stressing in the kitchen.

Please contact us for our latest seasonal menu selections.  Starting from around £30 per person, I’m sure you will have no problem finding Thyme In the perfect solution to your celebration.