April 2, 2020

Breakfast meals and lunches delivered to our office are always
welcome into the workplace but when you love healthy food as much as we
do, Jo would become your absolutely favourite caterer. She comes up with
the freshest ideas and the best combinations to inspire you for the
rest of the week.

More so, the food she provides for our office is not only delicious,
but it’s also the perfect opportunity for the team to spend quality time
together. We’ve discovered that when you have great food around, it’s
easier to start a conversation!

We strongly believe that healthy food contributes to employees health, happiness and productivity.  Is the fourth year we are working closely with Jo and she has never disappointed in any way.  While writing this I got hungry and I would love to bite on a Grilled Halloumi salad with Pomegranate and Maple Roasted Squash. Thank you Jo for the amazing work and the soul you put in every single dish.

August 2019